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About Me

My name is Brittany Williams and I am on my pursute to becoming a successful Fashion and Portrait Photographer. I have an Associates Degree under my belt and I will continue to further my craft with educating myself in photography seminars and workshops. I am passionate about photography and aspire to help others grow into better photographers. I have been truly blessed to be able to use my love of fashion and beauty to help other's grow in self confidence.

Our society tells us that so many things are wrong with us and I want to show everyone that we are all beautiful in the inside and the outside. We are promoting good self-esteem in our community through photography.  Our vision is to encourage a healthy life and development with positive enforcements. Also, to use photography to show young girls and women and even men that beauty is within them and that I am just capturing it. Our photography will illustrate self love and inform people that beauty isn’t what media makes it out to be. Our business has 5 main core values that we will look to for great products. The first core value is to motivate, we want all our clients to feel inspired by our business and its workmanship. Our next  value is to encourage, we will have encouraging things everywhere, in life there are so many things that can pull us apart and make us lose sight of the real us. Professionalism is our next value that we want our clients to be aware of, we want our clients to know they are in good hands and that they will be respected by all staff involved in our company, which means honesty is a policy. Our next value is order; we are a business about having order and being productive. Lastly our business wants it to be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience that is a major value, because if it’s just business then clients can’t see anything past that.

 Reliability, enthusiasm, and personal attention are some things that come along with our services naturally. Our services are for a wide range of beauty, we will specialize in modern beauty, modeling/fashion and fine art. Also, Corporate headshots, glamour, personal shots and products will be other products to name a few.

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